Necromex Like Minded
Digging through trash and finding food is one thing. Becoming an Immortal King of Death is another. Necroxis is the name of an evil Lych King that everyone fears, but he wasn't always known by that name, and this is his tale.
lqing Pokemon Shorts Kid
“Ding Ding” Defeating the little Lada who was blocking the road, just as he was about to move on, a misty air mass rising from Lada’s body and two translucent luminous coins splashed out made the beloved look stunned. “what is this?” Ding, experience 13 Ding, picked up power attribute 1 Ding, picked up the physical attribute 1 “Pick up attributes? Unexpectedly, I still have gold fingers!”
DaoistFanfiction Reborn as Kakashi's adopted son
How would you feel if you're reborn in the world of Naruto and you would be reborn as Kakashi's adopted son? Our main character Robin (Hatake) will find out follow his journey to watch how he will overshadow even Naruto's achievements and make his adopted father proud.
AveAnderson Paradis de Fou
A World of Swords and Magic is a world filled with opportunities, chances, risks and gains. Fortune, fame, wealth, luxury all belongs to The One with the most power. A world based on magic and sword is a world run by the rules of jungle. Rules by which being weak is a sin. Rules, which don’t discriminate between the Right and Wrong, rules which only favor the Victor and criticizes the Loser. Rules...
Linodo Spirit Immortal
Over a million years ago, the first human contracted with the first Spirit. Ever since then, Spirit use has become commonplace. Humans used Spirits to carry items and start fires. Eventually, even start wars. Thousands upon thousands of years past and one day, one human did the impossible. He transcended his mortality and ascended to the realm above. In the present day, the Frie Clan was once...